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The idea for MPM was conceived after twenty years of clinical practice, clients in my muscle therapy practice were looking for a solution to their muscle pain, especially when unable to come into appointments for prolonged periods of time.

Some were travelling to sporting events, overseas or just unable to come in due to work commitments.

By using a series of balls on different muscle areas that were causing pain and stiffness I was able to give each person simple treatments.

These worked well in any situation and kept the body moving well and pain free. So much so that these clients were able to start managing their muscle problems on their own and attend appointments less often or not at all.

MPM works in the same way but on a larger scale.

Designed for a group of athletes with each muscle group given attention, each athlete learns how to manage their body focussing on the problem areas.

A series of balls and stretches are used and it is very much a hands on workshop that includes all players.

Athletes are encouraged to take what they have learnt home to use to treat muscle problems throughout the season.

A follow up email programme is available as part of one of the packages.

This is designed to treat more complex issues than just a simple muscle tightness issue and available as an at home programme.

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