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I have experience helping athletes from sports including Football and rugby Codes (including Soccer),Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball, Athletics (sprinters,middle distance, marathons and trail runners), Equestrian sports and Jockeys, Cyclists (sprinters and Road), Boxing and Motor Racing (car and bike).

Together with Muscle Pain Management you can keep yourself in the game, play like you used to, and succeed!

Check out below to see how Muscle Pain Management has helped previous clients achieve success and to understand what the MPM Programme can do for you.

Brett James is the Coach of the Kersbrook Football Club. He found that the MPM Programme helped his players take a greater role in their own pain management and recovery. Hear his views on how the MPM Program helped lighten his load, the load on the club's volunteers and helped the club achieve success

Sean McCarthy from the Barossa Rams Rugby Club and the Don Smith Award Winner 2019 Best & Fairest Adelaide Premier League talks about how MPM helped him manage his muscle pain and maintain peak performance through his successful season.

We had the pleasure of Kirsty visiting the Keith Football Club earlier this year after a preseason training night. The presentation to our players involved prevention and self management of muscle injury. It gave our players more knowledge of exercises and stretches to keep them on the field longer rather than in the trainers room. We thank her for her time and effort.

Bruce McMurray

President, Keith Football Club

When Matt Gardiner of the Kersbrook Football Club started developing hamstring and shoulder injuries it was the MPM Programme that kept him in the game and helped him maintain peak performance.

Ben Hanna from the Gumeracha Football Club and Player of the Match HFL Grand Final 2019 found the MPM Program simple to use, and felt the results at every training session. Hear his story about how MPM helped him stay at peak performance and achieve success

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