Pain Management Services

Muscle Pain Management tailored to your club or individual needs

Keeping muscles lengthened and working optimally can help prevent season ending joint injuries that leave clubs depleted and athletes frustrated at the most important times of the sporting season.

The Muscle Pain Management system has been developed by Kirsty Rehn (Dip Rem Massage) after decades of practising Remedial and Sports Massage combined with her experience as a Level Two Sports Trainer.

Being based in a rural area means Kirsty has seen the difficulties many clubs face in accessing trainers who have the time and expertise to keep their often diminishing pool of athletes fit for matches.

Many athletes in rural areas are restricted in accessing help with muscle care due to remoteness and lack of time.

Muscle Pain Management workshops educate trainers and athletes in pre and post-game muscle care, with a hands on approach that teaches each individual how to care for their bodies throughout both the competition and off season.

These simple methods are designed to be followed at the sports field and at home.

Kirsty has helped athletes from a wide range of sports including all Football and rugby Codes (including Soccer),Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball, Athletics (sprinters,middle distance, marathons and trail runners), Equestrian sports and Jockeys, Cyclists (sprinters and Road), Boxing and Motor Racing (car and bike).

Pain Management Services

Muscle Pain Management workshops are available for all areas of South Australia (remote areas will require more than one club to book) and are tailored to the needs of your club or sporting community. Individual programs are also available.

All codes are welcome and there is a limit of 25 persons per workshop. No minimum number. Workshop is designed for athletes 16 years and over. Book your workshop today to keep your team in top shape and competition ready.

Want to know more about how Muscle Pain Management can help your club avoid season ending injuries, keep your best team on the field and chase success?

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